Definitions for "Rounded"
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DIAGRAM: Leaf Apex / Leaf Base PHOTO
Having an arched apex rather than a pointed and angled apex.
A coffee that has a good balance between acidity, body and flavour characteristics.
Cup balance with no overpowering characteristic, well-balanced; can also mean pleasantly smooth, without being sharp.
Well balanced and complete.
refers to the posterior edge of the caudal fin – a convex curve
curving and somewhat round in shape rather than jagged; "low rounded hills"; "rounded shoulders"
Modified by contraction of the lip opening; labialized; labial. See Guide to Pronunciation, § 11.
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a chubby body; "the boy had a rounded face and fat cheeks"
An intensity description indicating a reduced range of gases and vapors is present at a moderately perceptible strength.
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hearts or clubs.
a form is rounded when material from an earlier section is repeated at the very end.
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wine rich in alcohol, soft and full bodied.