Definitions for "Bishonen"
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"pretty boy", (manga/anime)
A “pretty boy.
Term frequently used in manga to designate "cute boy." "Bi" means "beautiful" or "cute" in Japanese and "shonen" means "boy." Generally, the term "bishonen" applies to male anime charaters who are young (approx. 13-17 years old), very attractive, pretty, and even feminine to some degree (i.e. thay have long hair, slender builds, might be gay, ect.).
Bishonen ( ; Cantonese: Meisiunin zi lyun) is a 1998 movie from Hong Kong about an ill-fated gay romance.
A term given to young gorgeous men, usually in their teens. Some example series are Weiss Kruez (White Cross) and Angel Sanctuary.
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see bishounen