Definitions for "Chick"
a slut when AND ONLY when she rolls over and asks you for "her money please
a Slut when see decides she is a slut
a slut when she is on Maury for the tenth time still trying to find the fathers of her six childeren
A child or young person; -- a term of endearment.
a young woman; -- often considered offensive.
young bird especially of domestic fowl
Friendly aircraft about to refuel or trailing behind a tanker, commonly referred to as 'Receiver': "MAGIC 88 this is ESSO 74, I have 6 chicks trailing" (Tanker ESSO 74 has 6 fighters trailing behind in formation waiting for fuel)
Keywords:  incubate, yolk
incubate yolk
Keywords:  cymbal, pedal, hat, alone, bringing
Hi-Hat sound made from pedal alone bringing top and bottom cymbal together.
Keywords:  scarier, lot, damaging
a lot scarier and potentially damaging than KV
Keywords:  verandas, hung, doorways, cane, blind
Blind or screen hung over windows, doorways and verandas, usually made of split cane and sometimes painted on the outside.
Keywords:  sprout, seed, vegetate, ground
To sprout, as seed in the ground; to vegetate.
Keywords:  girl
A girl.
A chicken.