Definitions for "Blackbird"
Keywords:  merula, turdus, thrush, singing, bird
In England, a species of thrush (Turdus merula), a singing bird with a fin note; the merle. In America the name is given to several birds, as the Quiscalus versicolor, or crow blackbird; the Agelæus phœniceus, or red-winged blackbird; the cowbird; the rusty grackle, etc. See Redwing.
any bird of the family Icteridae whose male is black or predominantly black
common black European thrush
Blackbird (an online journal of literature and the arts) is an internet journal publishing fiction, poetry, plays, interviews, and reviews by Pulitzer winners as well as promising young artists, including audio and video features, always presented free of charge. Its founding editors include Gregory Donovan, Mary Flinn, Michael Keller and Jeff Lodge. Blackbird is published jointly by the Creative Writing Program of the Department of English at Virginia Commonwealth University in partnership with New Virginia Review, Inc., a nonprofit literary arts organization based in Richmond, Virginia.
Among slavers and pirates, a negro or Polynesian.
A native of any of the islands near Queensland; -- called also Kanaka.
a small avian animal native to Earth
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a Silver Moon Chalice Nominee and Fab Five finalist
Keywords:  laments, surge, liquor, sweeps, crashes
a power-country surge that sweeps you up in a wave of liquor and late-night accusations and then crashes on shore like the bad marriage it laments
an American made two-seat reconnaissance aircraft
X-Jet, see Williams X-Jet for the real world aircraft called Blackbird see SR-71 Blackbird.
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to engage in the slave trade.