Definitions for "fab"
Fabrication Facility. SEMICON industry term for a foundry.
Short for wafer fabrication facility -- a semiconductor factory. Often used to refer to a semiconductor clean room.
In the semiconductor industry, a facility that makes integrated circuits from semiconductor wafers.
antigen-binding region of antibody
Fragment of antibody containing the antigen-binding site, generated by cleavage of the antibody with the enzyme papain, which cuts at the hinge region N-terminally to the inter-H-chain disulphide bond and generates two Fab fragments from one antibody molecule.
Fluidized Aerobic Bioreactor
Canadian gay magazine, which publishes biweekly in Toronto, Ontario. It publishes alternate weeks to the city's other biweekly gay publication, Xtra!. The publication’s official spelling uses a lower-case F: fab.
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A Fab is a popular ice lolly on a stick, introduced by J. Lyons & Co. Ltd.
adjective; short for fabulous, usu. (but not always) used ironically. e.g. "I got a parking ticket? FAB."
or faboo--short for Fabulous, a favorite word of many queens
Fleming Administration Building
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Fleet Advisory Board A group of fleet customers who advise Ford fleet on fleet issues
Fabrication. A “fab” can refer to either the fabricator or the printed circuit board made by the fabricator.
HQDA Functional Automation Branch
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fast atom bombardment
steel fabrication including cutting, bending, punching/drilling, welding, handling, and painting
Acronym Federation of Awarding Bodies - Formed in 2000 by the four largest vocational Awarding Bodies, FAB is a membership body representing organisations that award vocational qualifications in the UK.
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extremely pleasing.
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French, American, British