Definitions for "MCM"
A generic name for a group of advanced interconnection and packaging technologies featuring unpackaged integrated circuits mounted directly onto a common substrate.
multichip module: 2 or more die are attached to the same substrate and wire bonded
A type of integrated-circuit packaging configuration.
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Thousand circular mil; a unit of measure for wire sizes for multiple stranded conductors over 4/0 AWG in diameter. M is from the Roman numeral system for 1,000. Old unit of measure was kcmil.
Thousand circular mils-conductor sizing above 4/0.
One thousand circular mils.
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Medicare Carriers Manual.
McMaster-Carr Major supplier of tools, supplies and replacement parts, competing with Grainger. Almost very building and company maintenance person will have their catalog at hand. Major centers in Atlanta, Cleveland, NYC area, Los Angeles.
maintenance control manual
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Millions of cubic meters
Million cubic metres.
Million cubic meters. Another common way of measuring the amount of timber cut for lumber or for chips.
Mine Countermeasures
Mine Counter Measures
Master of Community Medicine
Master of Christian Ministry
Manager Compliance Measurement
Manning & Career Management
Marine and Coastal Management