Definitions for "SMT"
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Surface Mount Technology, whereby electronic components are machine-mountable to the surface of printed circuit boards.
SMT stands for urface ount echnology. This is the term for components which are soldered to the surface of a PCB, rather than having their pins/leads pushed through holes within it.
A technique for populating hybrids, multichip modules, and circuit boards, in which packaged components are mounted directly onto the surface of the substrate. A layer of solder paste is screen printed onto the pads and the components are attached by pushing their leads into the paste. When all of the components have been attached, the solder paste is melted using either reflow soldering or vapor-phase soldering.
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Senior Management Team
Station Management. ANSI FDDI specification that defines how ring stations are managed.
Station Management Task. A protocol function for the FDDI interface card that controls and monitors overall station activity including initialization, activation, maintenance, and error control within each station.
Smt. (Shrimati) is the standard honorific (akin to Mrs. in English) used when referring to an adult female (only for married women) in various Indian languages, including Bengali, Hindi, and Sanskrit, and sometimes in English as well (in an Indian context). The equivalent title for men is Shri (often written Sri).
Satellite Media Tour. A spokesperson in one location is interviewed via satellite by TV journalists elsewhere.
An abbreviation for "spinal manipulative therapy."
The SMT is a menu-based interface that you use to configure your device.
Standards, Measurements and Testing programme.
P: Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. The Internet standard protocol used to transfer electronic mail form one computer system to another.