Definitions for "AOI"
Automated Optical Inspection. Computer-based inspection devices that acquire an image of an in-process or completed printed wiring board and locate defects such as broken traces, excess copper that may cause shorts, over- or under-etching, and misregistration of holes to circuit pattern, among other defects. The most common application of AOI is the inspection of inner layers after etch.
Automated Optical Inspection. Visual inspection of the circuit boards using a machine scanner to assess workmanship quality.
Automated Optical Inspection. Test fixture method in which printed circuit boards are check at bare-board, pre- or post-soldered stages of assembly by optical means.
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Apnea of Infancy. An unexplained episode of cessation of breathing for 20 seconds or longer, or a shorter respiratory pause associated with bradycardia, cyanosis, pallor, and/or hypotonia; AOI refers to infants who are greater than 37 weeks gestational age at onset of pathological apnea
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Area Of Interest. A DEOS AOI is the smallest enclosing rectangle of all the Team points of interest.
Area of Interest. May be a student's academic plan before declaring a major. Cannot be used by students as a major for the TAP (Tuition Assistance Program) declaration when student is enter their junior class status.
Area of interest. An area of an image subject to modification, loading, saving, printing, etc. Typically, when used in conjunction with, or contrasted against, the term ROI , an AOI is rectangular, with sides parallel to the image axis. Sometimes referred to as a window within the image, but not to be confused with a window of a Graphical User Interface, such as Windows(tm) or Java(tm).
Area of Interest. A user defined map location and date range. A list of available AOI files is displayed on the User Server map form. Like queries, AOI files can be saved, loaded and deleted from the User Server storage form.
Announcement of Opportunity Instrument. These instruments are developed independently of ESA, under national funding. They have been selected following an Announcement of Opportunity, one of the selection criteria being the extent to which the AOI would enhance the overall measurement system.
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angle of incidence
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ah-oh-ee) the color blue