Definitions for "ROI"
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Return on Investment. A measure of a corporations profitability, equal to a...
Generally, a ratio of the benefit or profit received from a given investment to the cost of the investment itself. In e-learning, ROI is most often calculated by comparing the tangible results of training (for example, an increase in units produced or a decrease in error rate) to the cost of providing the training.
A number-crunchers delight that brings together investment and return on that which goes into building and maintaining a website and its e-commerce solutions.
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Region of Interest. An area of an image subject to modification or analysis. Typically, when used in conjunction with, or contrasted against, the term AOI , an ROI is not limited to a rectangular shape with sides parallel to the image axis, but may be an ellipse or rectangle rotated with respect to the image axis, or an arbitrary path or polygon.
region of interest. Localised part of an image defined by the operator which is of particular interest at a given time.
Applied to the field of video surveillance, ROI stands for Region of Interest, meaning an area of the frame where motion is detected, in turn activating the surveillance camera.
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Retorno sobre O Investimento
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eturn nvestment
n]: Regurgitation Over Innovation; a commonly used ploy of a Bosshole to kill fresh ideas that: threaten his budget, threaten his turf, or he can't take credit for Salmon Day [n]: Experience of spending an entire day swimming upstream only to get screwed by a Bosshole or Bossho and die in the end
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a fish, grouper
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Republic of Ireland
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ROL Roll down
Registration of Interest. The first part of a staged selection process for a supplier that gives potential suppliers the opportunity to indicate their interest by sending contact details.
The first of a two stage publicly advertised tender process. Registration of interest are invited, responses evaluated and short-list of possible providers identified. The second stage is where short-listed bidders are asked to respond for tender. | | | | | | | J | K | | | | | | | X | Y | Z
Registrations of Interest. the canvassing of interested parties who might be available to conduct business or public work on behalf of the government.
Measurement of benefit an exhibiting company receives from participation of an exhibition. Broadest example formula: income minus costs equals ROI.
(Revenue - Cost)/ Cost, expressed as a percentage.
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Roi is the French word for king.
Release of Information. A legal document designed to protect a memberâ€(tm)s privacy by allowing only the persons designated by the member to obtain or change the memberâ€(tm)s personal health information. A signed ROI form authorizes the health plan to release or change information to the designated agent. Download an ROI form.
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ROIC Rate lock selling
the rate at which the benefits of a purchased product or service pays for itself through new efficiencies and functionality.