Definitions for "profitability"
Economic quality of a business for which the selling price is higher than the cost. Profitability is of as much larger than the margin is large.
The challenge a lender faces to structure a loan so that a healthy margin of profit is maintained in an environment of fluctuating interest rates.
A series of measures which show how profitable a business is, including gross profit, operating profit and net profit.
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The ratio of profits from a strategy divided by the capital employed in that strategy, it is important to define clearly the elements in the equation, e.g. whether the profits are calculated before or after tax and before or after interest payments. This is often called the Return on capital employed, shortened to ROCE.
The relative profit performance of a business, enterprise or other operating unit. Profitability comparisons often occur over time, across peer groups, relative to projections, and relative to norms or standards.
The ability of a company to provide investors with a particular rate of return on their investment.
A criterion for measuring the relationship between income and expenses for different investments, operations, or firms.
Contrast with favorable deviation.
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being able to make money or other gain
the quality of affording gain or benefit or profit
The difference between a sale price and original purchase, adjusted for interim costs and taxes; the most common method for establishing valuation in real estate.
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capacity to make profit