Definitions for "Return on Investment"
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ROI. A measure of a corporations profitability, equal to a fiscal years income...
ROI is commonly used as a test of a company's profitability. Investors can compare this figure to other types of investments. To calculate your ROI divide the net profits by total assets.
The rate of return a company gets from its own investment. It is calculated by dividing the company's net income by its net assets.
A financial calculation used to evaluate the economic benefits of pollution prevention alternatives.
The financial benefit resulting from a project once the cost of the project is deducted from the financial gain.
A generic ratio sometimes applied to PPC Marketing campaigns. See 'Return On Advertising Spend (ROAS)'.
See return on capital employed (ROCE).
A means of evaluating the efficiency of management and the development of product lines for the comparison of companies. Calculated by dividing total capital into earnings.
A measurement used in financial analysis to judge the rate of return on all sources of long-term capital.
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See internal rate of return (IRR).
a business imperative
Part of the business case validation done during project initiation.
The rate of return at which the sum of the discounted future earnings plus the discounted future Residual Value equals the initial cash outlay.
In relation to search engine advertising, it often refers to sales per lead.
The measurable revenue associated with a specific advertising program. Common to all media.
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