Definitions for "Earnings"
A company's net income or profit, generally used as indicator of future growth, potential dividends and, ultimately, stock prices.
Total revenues, less total expenses (including taxes). Used interchangeably with net income.
The total amount earned, usually by a worker as wages, or by a firm as profits.
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how much money a horse (Especially a racehorse or rodeo horse) has won in its lifetime
decimal Price Earnings on an instrument.
decimal Price Earnings reported with an instrument (typically about the issuer) as reported by the issuer or responsible agent.
Useless mathematical computation that has nothing to do with important numbers like Capitalization and what the CEO makes.
Electricity, Gas and Water Employed/Employment (Household Surveys)
These are the regular earnings a member receives from his or her employer and include straight time pay, regular statutory holiday pay and vacation and sick pay. It does not include, overtime pay, shift premiums or percentage in lieu of benefits.
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See Fantasy Earnings.
Employee Involvement/quality Of Work Life (ei/qwl) Examined Equipment
The amount a company says it added to shareholders' funds after all the costs of delivering a product or service have been accounted for. See Earnings Per Share.
Earnings per Share earnings surprise
Earnings are awarded to athletes based upon on-field performance. For each play in a game, there is a statistically expected outcome. If the outcome exceeds expectations, then the athletes involved in the play get positive earnings. If the play falls below expectations, then the athletes may get negative earnings.