Definitions for "Margins"
Settings in page layout software used to identify the part of the page to be used for body text.
The blank areas beyond the edges of the type page.
The unprinted area around the edges of a page. The margins as designated in book specifications refer to the remaining margins after the book has been trimmed.
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The relationship between the expenses of the businesses to revenues. The lower the expenses of the business in relation to income the higher the margins and the higher the expenses the thinner the margins.
Usually profit margin - the profit as a percentage of the sales value. Market Capitalisation The market capitalisation or market cap of a company is the current share price multiplied by the number of shares in issue.
Profits, or excess revenues, allocated to customer accounts based on the amount each customer pays Jackson EMC for service during the year. With board approval, refunds are made annually, usually in December.
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The area of normal tissue surrounding a cancer that has been removed. "Clean margins" means no cancer cells are present in the normal tissue around the cancer and, therefore, there is little chance cancer has been left behind.
A term used to describe the area of body tissue around a tumor. This area is assessed as part of the process to determine if all of a tumor was removed during surgery.
Normal tissue surrounding a tumor.
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Marquetry Married Metal
A deposit paid on a futures transaction. Initial margin is paid, followed by top-ups as the position develops. Margins are paid to the exchange. futures
(Coffee Market) A percentage of the contract value deposited with a broker to offset some of the risk in the event of a trader's position resulting in a loss.  Margins continue to be called when a traders position deteriorates as a market goes against him.  Brokers likewise must deposit margins with the clearing house daily.
Difference between sales prices and feedstock costs, or in some instances, the difference between sales prices and feedstock and manufacturing costs.
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