Definitions for "Leading edge"
Keywords:  airfoil, formwork, curtain, wing, edge
the front edge of an airfoil; same as Advancing edge, above.
the front edge of anything that moves; also used metaphorically, as the leading edge in art. See also cutting edge.
Front edge of wing in flight, facing direction of the bird’s journey.
The first part of a Threadfall.
The surface part of a wind turbine blade that first comes into contact with the wind.
The first step or transition of a pulse.
Keywords:  foremost, signature, check, item, side
The foremost part of an item being imaged. Usually this refers to the signature/amount side of a check image.
Keywords:  quadrant, slope, menu, ray, pair
a ray going out from the menu center in the direction given by an item's (quadrant,slope) pair