Definitions for "Turbine"
Keywords:  rotary, vanes, steam, kinetic, blades
A water wheel, commonly horizontal, variously constructed, but usually having a series of curved floats or buckets, against which the water acts by its impulse or reaction in flowing either outward from a central chamber, inward from an external casing, or from above downward, etc.; -- also called turbine wheel.
A type of rotary engine with a set of rotating vanes, diagonally inclined and often curved, attached to a central spindle, and obtaining its motive force from the passage of a fluid, as water, steam, combusted gases, or air, over the vanes. Water turbines are frequently used for generating power at hydroelectric power stations, and steam turbines are used for generating power from coal- or oil-fired electric power stations. Turbines are also found in jet engines, and in some automobile engines.
An engine in which a wheel of curved vanes (blades) is attached to the driving shaft. The pressure of steam, water, or air against the vanes causes the shaft to turn.
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Keywords:  turbocharger, exhaust, hot, side
The “hot side” or exhaust side of a turbocharger.
Keywords:  extracting, fluid, work, device
a device for extracting work from a fluid