Definitions for "motor "
One who, or that which, imparts motion; a source of mechanical power.
A prime mover; a machine by means of which a source of power, as steam, moving water, electricity, etc., is made available for doing mechanical work.
Causing or setting up motion; pertaining to organs of motion; -- applied especially in physiology to those nerves or nerve fibers which only convey impressions from a nerve center to muscles, thereby causing motion.
Movement of the body carried out by a combination of the brain, nervous system, and muscles.
neurons: neurons that connect with muscles and direct movements
the term used to describe things that cause movement, such as a muscle or nerve.
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Motor is a text-mode integrated programming environment for Linux. It consists of an editor with syntax highlighting, a project manager, a makefile generator, gcc, ctags, gdb, autoconf/automake and grep front-ends. CVS integration is also provided.
An object vested with raw, undirected and unshaped anima. Most common motor is a simple wheel.
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a device that 'wants' to turn at its designed speed, set by its designed operating frequency
an inductive element, and the current lags behind the voltage (remember, the inductor had the ability to store current )
a voltage controlled speed device
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A time trialist.
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travel or be transported in a vehicle; "We drove to the university every morning"; "They motored to London for the theater"
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Word used by student pilots and rednecks when referring to the engine.
Relating to the ability to move oneself.
Relating to the ability to move a part of or the entire body.
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motor neurones carry messages out of the CNS to effector organs Humans as organisms
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A motor car; an automobile.
an automobile - it's a slightly slang word though
The part of a rocket that burns to give the rocket lift. Comprises normally of solid fuel propellant and can accelerate the rocket to speeds of several hundred miles and hour in some cases. Can include chemicals to give a silver or coloured tail.
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a must with several long stretches of calm water
an application of electromagnetism
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The magnet structure of a speaker
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Motorcycle Multi-line
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See ceiling extension above.
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a generator that is run in reverse
refers to a player's degree of intensity on the field.