Definitions for "MAGNET "
The loadstone; a species of iron ore (the ferrosoferric or magnetic ore, Fe3O4) which has the property of attracting iron and some of its ores, and, when freely suspended, of pointing to the poles; -- called also natural magnet.
A bar or mass of steel or iron to which the peculiar properties of the loadstone have been imparted; -- called, in distinction from the loadstone, an artificial magnet.
An object surrounded by a magnetic field that has the ability to attract iron or steel.
Magnet were a band formed for the purpose of recording the soundtrack to the 1973 film The Wicker Man. The band were assembled by musician Gary Carpenter (the film's Associate Musical Director) to perform songs composed by New York songwriter Paul Giovanni. Originally under the moniker Lodestone, later to change to "Magnet" because of a conflict with another band, the group included Peter Brewis (recorders, jew's harp, harmonica, bass guitar, etc.), Michael Cole (concertina, harmonica, bassoon), Andrew Tompkins (guitars), Ian Cutler (violin), Bernard Murray (percussion) and finally Carpenter himself (piano, recorders, fife, ocarina, nordic lyre, Etc.).
Magnet is a music magazine which generally focuses on alternative, independent, or out-of-the-mainstream bands. It published six times a year, and is independently owned and edited by Eric T. Miller.
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To dream of a magnet, denotes that evil influences will draw you from the path of honor. A woman is probably luring you to ruin. To a woman, this dream foretells that protection and wealth will be showered upon her.
A Monitoring Apparatus for General Kernel Event Tracing is a high-fidelity low-overhead mechanism for exporting Linux kernel events to user space and a set of user-space tools for synthesizing high-level event from kernel-level events.
Fully packaged linux distribution to provide internet access and resource management to small and medium companies.
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a segulah for having children
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ASL Browser
Many automated machines have a magnet along the coin chute that will prevent steelies and other coins from being rolled.
a powerful tool in the hands of a competent, skilled practitioner
a wonderful tool in the hands of an inventive magician
Magnet is a British retailer specialising in home improvement. The chain sells kitchens, bathrooms and offices. The chain operates via "showrooms" where the rooms are shown to the public, who can then choose which they want.
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a metal device that physically pulls other metal objects toward it
A device attached to a crane and is used to pick up and move scrap metals.
Movement of first U. S. forces to Northern Ireland.
a material that can exert a noticeable force on other materials without actually contacting them
a natural force that is closely associated with electricity
a productive, rigorous and introduces concepts that apply to Office of Arts programs in Education
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a great way to do that - beautiful speech with no soap box required
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a thing you find in a bad apple
a product with promotional qualities like none other
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Something acted upon by magnetism.