Definitions for "NMR"
Nuclear magnetic resonance. A spectroscopic technique used to determine the 3-D structure of small- to medium-sized proteins. NMR is based on resonant absorption of electromagnetic radiation by the magnetic dipole moments of atomic nuclei in an applied magnetic field.
NuclearMageticResonance Spectroscopy. A method of spectroscopy in which material being analyzed is subjected to varying electromagnetic frequencies.
Resonant absorption of electromagnetic radiation at a specific frequency by atomic nuclei in a magnetic field, due to flipping of the orientation of their magnetic dipole moments. The NMR spectrum provides information about the chemical environment of the nuclei. Two-dimensional NMR is used widely to determine the three-dimensional structure of small proteins.
The National Monuments Record. A public access database maintained by English Heritage and recording details of historic monuments throughout the UK. The maritime section of this database is maintained by the Royal Commission on the Historic Monuments of England (RCHME) and records wreck sites and artefacts from a maritime context around the coast of England and dating to pre-1945.
National Monuments Record. National Monuments Record. The national repository for archaeological and historic data.
See National Monuments Record.
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NMR is a type of AMR in which a network is used to collect, transmit and analyze meter data. Some advanced meter functions may be implemented in the network rather than in the meter at the Service End Point. See also AMR (Automatic Meter Reading).
The ability of a panel meter to filter out noise superimposed on the signal and applied across the SIG HI to SIG LO input terminals. Normally expressed in dB at 50/60 Hz.
This is the amount of noise superimposed on the input signal of a DC digital voltmeter which the instrument is capable of rejecting. It is expressed in decibels. NMR is enhanced by passive and active filters as well as integrating techniques of ND conversion. It is not a good policy to rely on a DPM to reject noise. A good clean signal should be obtained by using appropriate signal conditioning techniques external to the DPM. Also called series mode.
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North Midland Railway. Opened between Derby and Rotherham on 11th May 1840 and extended to Leeds on 1st July, the NMR eventually became part of the Midland Railway.
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Nielsen Media Research
See Non-Graded Standings, transcript legend.
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Net Metal Royalty