Definitions for "Coercivity"
Coercivity, measured in Oersteds (Oe.), is very loosely defined as the magnetic field required to encode or erase a magnetic stripe. Ordinary low coercivity magnetic stripes (often called loco) are rated at 300 Oersteds; some others are in the range of 600-650 Oe. High coercivity stripes (often called hico or high energy) are generally in the range of 1250-4000 Oe. Bank and financial stripes average around 2750 Oe. High coercivity tapes are more resistant to accidental erasure.
measure of how permanent a magnet is; permanent magnets have a high coercivity. The intensity of a magnetic field needed to demagnetize a substance.
Characteristic of a magnetic stripe indicating the power of the magnetic field required to encode the card. Cards are available in low and high coercivity versions.
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