Definitions for "Magnetizing force"
Keywords:  oersted, ampere, flux, maxwell, gcs
The magnetomotive force per unit of magnet length, measured in Oersteds (C.G.S.) or ampere-turns per meter (S.I). Maxwell - The C.G.S. unit for total magnetic flux, measured in flux lines per square centimeter.
the magnetomotive force per unit length at any point in a magnetic circuit. The unit of the magnetizing force is Oersted in the GCS system
The magnetic-field-strength which produces magnetic flux. 1 Oersted = 79.58 A/m=.7958 A/cm In cgs units: .4P NI / In SI units: NI / Where: H = Oersteds (Oe) N = Number of turns I = Current (amperes)/ = Mean Magnetic Path (cm)