Definitions for "GCS"
Glasgow Coma Scale. A rating scale devised by Teasdale and Jennett to assess the level of consciousness following brain damage. The scale assesses eye, verbal and motor responses. The GCS is grade 1-15, the lower score indicating the greater neurologic impairment.
Glasgow Coma Scale. A standardized system used to assess the degree of brain impairment and to identify the seriousness of an injury in relation to outcome.
Global Cellular Service, which permits rapid roaming with many partners through one single agreement and by means of an IRP
Group Call Service
Global Cache Service. (Real Application Clusters Concepts)
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Group Control System. A component of z/VM, intended for use with SNA products, that supports multiprogramming and shared memory support to virtual machines. See VM/SNA.
Grid Coverage Specification As specified by the OGC.
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Gate Controller Switch
ground control station
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Gravity Compression System
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Government and Community Sector
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General Customer Survey