Definitions for "DSE"
DSA-Specific Entry. This is the "top" entry in an LDAP server. It describes certain attributes of the directory. Its distinguished name is "" (an empty string). Its three required attributes are namingContexts (usually one, which you just entered), subschemaSubentry (a list of distinguished names of subschema entries), and objectClass (always "*"). The DSE cannot be deleted.
DSA-Specific Entry (X.500, LDAP)
A DSE, or DSA-specific entry, has additional server-specific information associated with it. Some DSE's such as the Root DSE or schema DSE, have different attributes on each server.
Deutsche Stiftung für Internationzale Entwicklung / Fondation allemande pour le développement international
Department of Sustainability and Environment
A node in a telecommunications network.
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Defense Systems Evaluation
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Display Screen Equipment.
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Data Switching Exchange