Definitions for "Canonical name"
Keywords:  alias, cname, mailsrv, ptr, mice
The real name of a server when you've given it a nickname or alias. For example, might have a canonical name of
The real name of a host. Used in CNAME records, PTR records, NS records and MX records.
an alias for a host
The distinguished name, rendered as, root first, delimited with the forward slash (/), and without the LDAP attribute tags (CN=, DC=). For example, "Fabrikam.Com/Users/Jeff Smith".
A computer's official domain name.
An object's distinguished name presented with the root first and without the LDAP attribute tags (such as: CN=, DC=). The segments of the name are delimited with forward slashes (/). For example, CN=MyDocuments,OU=MyOU,DC=Microsoft,DC=Com is presented as in canonical form. See also: distinguished name; Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP)