Definitions for "Screen Name"
Screen names are the "display names" that you see on the screens are reports for a given field or input screen. For example, the screen name or title that corresponds to the database title "HOME_PAGE" is "Home Page".
A screen name is a short name which appears as the display name in the program. For example, John Smith could be something like ‘John123â€(tm).
Also known as a user name, log-in name, member name, alias, or nickname. It should not be your real first and last name, but something made up that you can remember but that doesn't tell anyone else who you are in real life. Preferably, your screen name also doesn't let anyone know whether you're a boy or a girl. An example would be baseball123 or Poohbear. Your user name is your name on the Web. It hides your real identity.
a pseudonym that identifies forum members so everyone can see who's said what