Definitions for "Universal Naming Convention"
n. In network computing, a name used to identify the server name and the network name (netname) of a resource. This name is in one of the following formats: \\servername\netname\path\filename \\servername\netname\devicename
Also called Uniform Naming Convention. A convention for specifying directories, servers, and other resources on a network, using two slashes // or backslashes \\ to indicate the name of the computer, and one slash to indicate path or directory levels within the computer.
The full name of a resource on a network. It conforms to the \\servername\sharename syntax, where servername is the name of the server and sharename is the name of the shared resource. UNC names of directories or files can also include the directory path under the share name, with the following syntax: \\servername\sharename\directory\filename.