Definitions for "Virtual path"
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A VP is a bundle or pipe of VC Links and thus all VCLs in a VP have the same endpoint. Just as with VCs VPs can be switched using the VPI at a VP switch or cross-connect. The VPI identifies a Group of VCLs which share the same VPC . source: EU-P103 domain: General acronyms: VP usage: EU-P103
A unidirectional logical connection between two ATM devices.
a bundle of virtual channels, all of cash which are switched
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Basically an alias, this is a login pathname, specified by CGI, which differs from the actual, physical pathname. Typically used for security reasons.
Basically an alias, this login path name is specified by CGI and differs from the actual, physical path name. Typically used for security reasons. Used in ARWeb to specify program and data directories.
The path relative to the current directory, eg in UNIX if you are in /usr/guest then a virtual path to the file in /usr/guest/poems/rose.txt would be /poems/rose.txt.
The link used to transport traffic and to aggregate virtual channels between network locations.
A software-controlled point-to-point connection between two devices or segments.
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See VP.