Definitions for "Current working directory"
(1) A directory, associated with a process, that is used in path-name resolution for path names that do not begin with a slash. X/Open, . (2) In DOS, the directory that is searched when a file name is entered with no indication of the directory that lists the file name. DOS assumes that the current directory is the root directory unless a path to another directory is specified. IBM. (3) In the OS/2 operating system, the first directory in which the operating system looks for programs and files and stores temporary files and output. IBM. (4) In the AIX operating system, a directory that is active and that can be displayed. Relative path name resolution begins in the current directory. IBM.
The directory in the UNIX filesystem that is the default directory for most commands that you execute without a directory specification; i.e. the directory that you are currently in. If you issue commands such as ls without a directory argument, your current working directory is used as the default argument. You can determine your current working directory entering the pwd command at the UNIX prompt. Your first current working directory after logging into UNIX is always your home directory.
Alternate name for Current Directory.