Definitions for "dsa"
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Digital Signal Algorithm.
digital subtraction angiography. Non-invasive exploratory technique that uses a digital computer to produce three-dimensional pictures of blood vessels.
Digital serving area. "The combined geographical serving areas of a set of DDS serving offices. The appropriate tariff(s) specifies this area. The DDS office serving areas that make up a DSA are not necessarily continuous. Also
Directory System Agent. The X.500 term for a program like ClickMail, and what the "D" in DSE stands for (an acronym within an acronym).
Directory System Agent; the name of a database that can be accessed by the LDAP or X.500 protocol.
Directory System Agent; system in an X.500 infrastructure that holds part of the Directory Service data (see section 2.1.2).
Donation Service Area. A geographic area including one federally designated OPO, one or more transplant centers, and one or more donor hospitals.
Donation Service Area. The geographic area designated by CMS that is served by one organ procurement organization (OPO), one or more transplant centers, and one or more donor hospitals. Formerly referred to as Local Service Area or OPO Service Area.
Dynamic Signal Analyzer. Vibration analyzer that uses digital signal processing and the Fast Fourier Transform to display vibration frequency components. DSAs also display the time domain and phase spectrum, and can usually be interfaced to a computer.
See Dynamic Signal Analyzer.
Dynamic Spectrum Allocation. DSA refers to the partitioning of the spectrum that dynamically changes to adapt to the current or future demand on the radio resources resulting in certain gain in spectrum allocation. The gain in DSA could lead to an increase in the system capacity or could translate to the reduction on the system cost.
Distinguished Service Award. An award presented to a young person of Jaycee age age for outstanding community service
Distinguished Service Award. An award presented to a young person of Junior Chamber age for outstanding community service.
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Also known as electronic draft capture (EDC) or draft capture. A data processing term for collecting, formatting, and storing data in computer memory according to predefined fields, for example, customer name, account number, and currency amount of purchase. When a terminal reads this information from a plastic card or from entries at a terminal, the information is stored in computer memory for later output as a hard copy printout or as soft copy on a CRT display. See Electronic Draft Capture.
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Department of Student Affairs
Disabled Student Allowance: DSAs are now available through Local Education Authorities for home students.
Acronym Disabled Students Allowance
Dementia Support for Assessment Program. The DSA program assists ACATs in rural and remote areas to maintain their capacity to undertake assessments of people with dementia.
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Departmental Security Administrator. Local departmental representative accountable for establishing central campus (AIS) logon IDs and access to applications.
Distributed Systems Architecture. A Honeywell (an early computer manufacturer) architecture that conforms to the Open Systems Interconnection model proposed by the ISO. It supports X.25 for packet switching and X.21 for packet-switched and circuit-switched network protocols.
Distributed System Architecture.
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Daily subsistence allowance.
Down Syndrome Association (of Russia), an independent nongovernmental organization.
Disposal Sales Agency. Supports and advises on the disposal phase of the through life management of equipment within the Department.
Driving Standards Agency
Defence Support Agency
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This is a small java game, based on an german role-play called dsa . in this game the user should do some tasks in this fantasy-world.
Division of the State Architect: Governing agency regarding school construction, safety, and accessibility. DSA approves plans and regulates building inspection.
division support area.
Defense Special Assessment
Defense Supply Agency (1961 - 1977)
Special Tropical Disturbance Statement
Director of Special Affairs
Disk Space Analysis. This process determines if a host's available disk space is likely to be sufficient for the selected products to be installed.
Distributed Service Administrator
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Direct Selling Association