Definitions for "Parametric"
A type of equalization circuit that has three variable parameters: frequency, cut or boost bandwidth, and Q.
A type of equaliser which has fewer frequency bands to adjust, but the frequency of those bands may be changed, allowing a few parametric bands to do the work of a graphic, except in getting rid of feedback. This type is used on the desk.
equalizer – An equalizer with one or more center frequencies that are variable over a particular range, in addition to boost and cut capabilities. See Graphic Equalizer.
an IGES file that retains the history of how it was designed, so that modifications update all downstream features.
an object in a CAD model that can be modified simply by changing the parameters used to create it (e.g., dimensions, design constraints).
characterized by having one or more variables, or parameters, which can be varied for different results or effects
(adj.) A term used to classify curves for which the path is described by a mathematical function rather than a set of coordinates. A parameter within the function (often specified as u or v) is varied from 0 to 1 to define all the coordinate points along the curve.
When a functional form for the distribution a set of data points is assumed. For example, when the normal distribution is used to characterize a set of returns.
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of or relating to or in terms of a parameter; "parametric equation"