Definitions for "Spectrum analyzer"
a device that searches a band of radio frequencies for the presence of radio signals.
See Real Time Analyzer (RTA). SPL (sound pressure level) The level or intensity at a point in a sound field (loudness). The deviation above and below normal atmospheric pressure. The unit of measurement of Sound Pressure... the microbar. One microbar is equal to the sound pressure of 1 dyne per square centimeter, which is a sound level of 74 dB above the threshold of hearing (0.0002 microbar.) It is also equal to approximately one-millionth of normal atmospheric pressure. Sound pressure levels are stated in decibels as follows: Where P is the RMS sound pressure in microbars, and the reference is the threshold of hearing of 0.0002 microbars (50% of young men, 1 to 4 kHz). SPLITTER A box into which one microphone or signal is connected and has two or more individual outputs available for that signal. Used when a separate monitor mix is required.
An instrument that identifies the amplitude of signals at various frequencies.
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a particular broad band, very sensitive receiver
a wide band, very sensitive receiver
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an extremely useful
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a type of electronic test equipment