Definitions for "RTA"
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Road Transport Association
Road Transport Authority: international students intending to drive in Australia use this office to arrange motor vehicle registration and driver licenses.
the NSW Roads and Traffic Authority or the equivalent driver licensing authority in any other State or Territory.
the Vedic cosmic norm which regulated all existence and to which all had to conform
In Vedic Sanskrit, Rta literally means the "order or course of things", cognate to Avestan . In the Vedas, rta lays the philosophical foundation for the Hindu conception of dharma. In current usage, the use of the term rta is eschewed for the more developed and now standard dharma.
Regional Tourism Authorities
Regional Transportation Authority
Regional Trade Agreements
Real Time Analyser. Piece of equipment which measures frequency response and SPL level.
A device used in conjunction with a pink noise generator and calibrated microphone to analyze the acoustic characteristics of a room, allowing you to compensate for hangs, rings, reflections and absorption when setting up a sound system. See PINK NOISE
REAL TIME ANALYZER. An electronic instrument used to measure the combined response of an audio system and the room in which the system is operating.
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A son of Caksusa Manu and Nadevala
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Radio-TV Afghanistan
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Royal Thai Army
Thermoplastic insulated, aluminum shielded, polyethylene jacketed communication cable.
Truth- Divine Order. This is maintained by the balance of the positive and negative forces in Nature. See Abdal.
Real Time Analysis. A function of the IBM CICSPlex product to monitor, detect and report on user defined events.
Reciprocal Trade Agreement. An international agreement between two or more countries to open their markets to each other's exports. Early GATT rounds consisted largely of reciprocal agreements, which were then extended to other members through the most favored nation treatment.
Room Temperature Ambient. 1) an environmental condition of 73±5ƒF (23±3ƒC) at ambient laboratory relative humidity; 2) a material condition where, immediately following consolidation/cure, the material is stored at 73±5ƒF (23±3ƒC) and at a maximum relative humidity of 60%.
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Ready to assemble.
Resident Technology Advisors (~20)
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Retail Traders Association.
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Required Time of Arrival
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Remote Transmission Asset