Definitions for "Assemble"
To collect into one place or body; to bring or call together; to convene; to congregate.
To collect and put together the parts of; as, to assemble a bicycle, watch, gun, or other manufactured article.
To meet or come together, as a number of individuals; to convene; to congregate.
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Assemble is the debut full-length album recorded by the Stoke-based ska punk band Grown At Home. It was produced with Curig Huws.
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To liken; to compare.
To translate an assembly program into a computer language. Assembling is usually accomplished by substituting the computer language operation codes for the assembly language operation code, and by substituting absolute addresses, immediate addresses, relocatable addresses, or virtual addresses for symbolic addresses.
To collect the resources of a HATS project, along with the necessary executable code, into an application .ear file in preparation for transferring the application to the server.
To create application .ear files in preparation for transferring the application to the server. (Synonymous with package.) (Contrast with bundle.)
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in ballet, a jump from one to both feet, usually landing in fifth position.
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One of the two editing modes that are possible with video tapes. All tracks on the tape are added free of disturbances at the cutting point, but all tracks are newly written. The other editing method is known as Insert Edit.
Causes another document template or graphical form to be added to an assembly queue, based upon template logic.
object model] [ player] This is an action command that allows the player to construct an object from it's components.
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See: assembling.