Definitions for "Affinity group"
A club, organization, or group with a common bond, such as an alumni association, a fraternal order or a professional organization. Such groups sometimes offer their members a Visa or MasterCard with the group’s logo on it.
A group of people with common interests. A special interest group identified for purposes of targeting specific ads.
A type of focus group in which respondents already know one another.
a local unit of an IEEE organizational unit or standing committee, established by petition to the parent organizational unit to fulfill the purposes of the IEEE
an example of the development of organizational forms
People with common interest. On the internet, typically a subject-oriented mailing list, a newsgroup, or a conference on a Web siteor IRC.
Purchasers of goods and services, including insurance, with common characteristics.
A demographic or psychographic classification that identifies a record or list source.
a set of related web pages, where retrievals are cross-correlated