Definitions for "Aggregation"
A mass or body of individual units or particles. Healthy soil has good aggregation. As microorganisms and worms feed, they form polysaccharides which act like glue to hold individual soil particles together, creating groups, or aggregates, of particles. This loose formation allows soil to hold both water and air, and does not restrict the growth of roots.
sticking together; platelets aggregate to form the core of a blood clot search for Aggregation
a grouping of algal cells but not the organization of a colony, often held together by mucilage
The act of combining materials in various ways. Where the materials being aggregated are authored units, the result of aggregation is an aggregated authored unit.
Some form of consolidation of orders or invoices
Combining different data or layers of data into one composite display.
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a specialization of Participation that expresses an "is part of / is composed of" Fact. The terms in the fact describe the component types of the whole. See Chapter 4
a way that one class can refer to another class without having possession of it + a weak form of 'has-a' / APO link + if the whole object is an aggregation then deleting it does not effect the existence of the aggregated part. This relationship is shown by an open diamond at one end of a link. The other end may have an arrow head indicating the link can be navigated in one direction only.
An aggregation relationship is a 'whole-part' relationship, e.g. a page is a part of a book.
a kind of PlanElement that merges multiple tasks into a single task
The process of merging a set of InfoPath forms. Usually the forms will have an identical structure, but it is possible to merge forms with different schemas using XSLT.
a complex object composed of other objects
a 'part of/composed of' relationship
a relationship between objects in the data representation model where one object contains other objects.
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Gathering information from multiple web sites, typically via RSS. Aggregation lets web sites remix the information from multiple web sites, for example by republishing all the news related to a particular keyword.
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A synonym for agglomeration.
One way of speeding up query performance. Facts are summed up for selected dimensions from the original fact table. The resulting aggregate table will have fewer rows, thus making queries that can use them go faster.
a set of measure values ('cells') in memory, qualified by a set of dimension column values
Customers voluntarily forming an entity that can buy electricity in bulk in order to increase buying power. For example, aggregators could be alliances of churches, shopping malls, neighborhoods and restaurants.
The centralising of cargo to CentrePort for exporting.
A table or structure that contains precalculated data for a cube.
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Amassing volumes of gas or electricity from different sources to create a larger package.
One company leads hierarchically, positioning itself as a value-adding intermediary between producers and customers. The firm organizes supply and demand in a "virtual" marketplace. Organized hierarchically with only slight value integration.
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A concept of market segmentation that assumes that most consumers are alike. A library of the past had an 'opening day' collection of materials, that could be found in most towns and cities. Today's libraries are more aware of considering the unique needs of individuals in the market area.
A digital learning resource that is composed of other digital learning resources.
Using activity resource requirements to calculate total resource needs rather than to constrain the project schedule. Normally, resource requirements are used to perform resource-constrained scheduling.
The act of aggregating, or the state of being aggregated; collection into a mass or sum; a collection of particulars; an aggregate.
the massing of populations of male and female adults on a tree about to be attacked.
Grouping like products to achieve critical mass so as to satisfy market demand
A ground for rejection of a patent claim that is based on a lack of cooperation among the elements of an invention.
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Process in corporate financial planning whereby the smaller investment proposals of each of the firm's operational units are added up and in effect treated as a big picture.
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See Account aggregation.
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See aggregate.