Definitions for "Gestalt"
See Gestalt psychology
Gestalt theory states that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Creating effective designs depends on creating and balancing gestalt. Originally a therapeutic psychological theory (ink blots) artist's have adopted the concept for creating more balanced and dynamic art. See: Negative Space, Positive Space, Notan
An organized whole such as a visual form or a melody.
Gestalt (Japanese: 超獣伝説ゲシュタルト, Chōjū Densetsu Geshutaruto / Super-Legend Gestalt) is an 8-volume manga series by Yun Kouga, that later spawned a two episode OVA series. Like her earlier manga, Earthian, it is said to contain some minor same-gendered relations, however, these parts did not make it into the OVA. The plot resembles that of a role-playing game such as Dragon Quest (not surprising, since Enix has had some part in the OVA's production), and is more humorous than serious.
a sudden complex perception and cognition of a large body of mental material that has hitherto been disassembled and unknowledgeable
grasp problem all together, work out solution mentally before breaking into bits
an object that has shape, an entity that in itself has form, such as a chair or table
an object which has shape, an entity in itself which has form, as a chair or table
(German: shape or form.) In synoptic meteorology, a complex of weather elements occurring in a familiar form, although this term is not commonly used. The complex, though not necessarily referring to basic hydrodynamical or thermodynamical quantities, may persist for an appreciable length of time and is often considered to be an entity in itself. An example of a gestalt is a warm front and its associated pattern of cloudiness and precipitation.
Grid-based Estimation of Surface Traversability Applied to Local Terrain. This is a derivative algorithm of CMU-developed navigation software called Morphin. GESTALT uses stereo images of the terrain immediately in front of the rover to analyze the "goodness" of possible driving directions, ranging across the spectrum from severe left turns through severe right turns. Goodness is based on terrain geometry, roughness, confidence in stereo range data, and other factors. Driving direction decisions may also be weighted with knowledge of the desired goal direction.
Fritz Perls developed the Gestalt approach to psychotherapy. Although some have regarded it as a ‘therapy-lite' approach, it helps many recognize personal limitations and their legitimate prospects for freedom through change.
see Gestalt Therapy
Study of human learning where understanding is based upon insight.
The perceptual process of separating figure and ground to create an overall visual understanding of an image.
Gestalt language refers to learning entire phrases or other language chunks as units, versus learning all of the individual words within a chunk. See also scripting.
Gestalt is an open structured environment, designed to prototype and develop OpenGL- and Java-based sketches and applications.
a field arranged so that there is Foreground and Background - a field of data arranged with value, in other words
Collection of memories that are organized in a certain way around a certain subject.
A collection of memories connected neurologically based on similar emotions.