Definitions for "Reference data"
In PeopleSoft Sales Incentive Management, system objects that represent the sales organization, such as territories, participants, products, customers, channels, and so on.
Reference data is any kind of data that is used solely to categorize other data found in a database, or solely for relating data in a database to information beyond the boundaries of the enterprise.
In SOM, application-specific data that a server uses to identify or describe an object in DSOM. The data, represented by a sequence of up to 1024 bytes, is registered with DSOM when a server creates an object reference. A server can later ask DSOM to return the reference data associated with an object reference. See also object reference.
A defined value set which can be referenced. source: EBU MARS Administrative Practices
Information that supports the plans and action lists, such as names and addresses or inventories, which is indexed within the plan.