Definitions for "Data Modeling"
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A structured method for representing and describing the data used in a business function automated system. Data modeling is used in combination with two other structured methods, data flow analysis and functional decomposition, to define the high-level structure of business and information systems. Its primary function is to define the attributes of and relationships among data items.
The process of building a data model to describe the mapping between a relational database schema and an object model.
n. A structured set of techniques for defining and recording business information requirements. It is a depiction of the user's view of the data needs of the organization in a consistent and rigorous fashion. The data model eventually serves as the basis for translation to computer system databases.
Demotion Discriminatory pricing
The descriptive identification of a group or cluster of customers or prospects based on a select group of characteristics for use in targeting communications or predicting the response to a promotion or offer.
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Technique for organizing and documenting a system’s DATA.