Definitions for "CDM "
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Clean Development Mechanism. A Kyoto Protocol program that enables industrialized countries to finance emissions-avoiding projects in developing countries and receive credit for reductions achieved against their own emissions limitation targets. See Kyoto Protocol.
Clean Development Mechanism. A mechanism that allows emission reduction and afforestation/reforestation projects to be implemented in developing countries that have ratified the Kyoto Protocol. CDM projects earn Certified Emission Reductions for the emission reductions/removals achieved.
Clean Development Mechanism. One of the three Kyoto mechanisms, the CDM aims to promote sustainable development in developing countries as well as to help Annex I Parties achieve compliance with their QELRC s. It allows Annex I countries to invest in emission-saving projects in developing countries and gain credit for the savings achieved through the generation of CERs that they can use to contribute to compliance with part of their QELRCs. The CERs will be added to Annex I Parties' assigned amounts.
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Консольный клиент форума
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CDM is a database for Audio-CDs. Information can be imported or exported in several formats including CDPLAYER.INI, CDDB.DAT or freedb. It also includes a small CD Player.
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La chante du Monde
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Central Demographic Model. The profile of common observable characteristics of your Ideal Customer. Answers the question: "Who are my customers and where are they located?" Can help with niche marketing and your marketing system as well as what suspects are loaded into the Customer Relationship Management Software
Custom Design Manufacturers
Custom Device Module. A CDM is the driver component in the NetWare peripheral Architecture used to drive specific storage devices attached to the host adapter. The NPA separates NetWare driver support into two components; a Host Adapter Module (HAM), and a Custom Device Module (CDM). The CDM is the component used to drive storage devices or autochangers attached to a host adapter bus.
Compact Digital Monitor. This was coined when the whole range comprised just one bookshelf speaker - the CDM 1. It's rather lost its meaning since we introduced a floorstander. Incidentally the strange numbering of the original and SE ranges came about because the second product was a smaller bookshelf - the CDM 2 - and the floorstanding CDM 7 came later. I suppose we could have called it the CDM 0.7 but then again maybe not.
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Comité des Ministres
Cf tsx cdm r de dequilibrage html v CLOTURE DU MARCHE
A philosophy on how to conduct business between various components of aviation transportation within both government and industry.
Collaborative Decision Making. Cooperative effort between the various components of aviation transportation, both government and industry, to exchange information for better decision making.
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Cook-Douglas Medal - top award in the USA for SDB's.
Common Data Model. A template of the CBConnector configuration data structure.
Charged Device Model (ESD)
Consumer Directed Model. A public program where consumers have an employer/employee relationship with PAS workers.
Camp Dresser & McKee Federal Programs Corporation
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Chemical downwind message
Chronic Disease Management
Console Database Manager.
Campaign Delivery Manager is the person who is responsible for managing and monitoring the search engine positioning of clients websites throughout the term of their campaign.
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Cold Dark Matter
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Charge Description Master
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Consumer Direct Marketing