Definitions for "CCL"
See Climate Change Levy
Climate Change Levy. This Levy is charged on industrial and commercial use of energy and is one of the Government's tools for reducing emissions of greenhouse gases.
CONTAMINATION CONTROL LINE. The established line around the Contamination Reduction Zone that separates the Contamination Reduction Zone from the Support Zone.
Critical Carb Level
CONVECTIVE CONDENSATION LEVEL. The height at which a parcel of air, if heated sufficiently from below, will rise adiabatically until it is just saturated.
acronym for convective condensation level
Children's Literature (Central Library, second floor)
Community Care Licensing – The state agency that licenses, regulates, and audits FFAs, group homes, convalescent homes, and others. It was originally developed to regulate organizations dealing with seniors and was later applied to organizations dealing with children in the child welfare system.
Children's Literature (2nd) 010301
coracoclavicular ligament
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Coca-Cola Amatil Limited
Commerce Control List. U.S.) All items- commodities, software, and technical data - subject to U.S. Bureau of Export Administration export controls.
Commerce Control List (formerly Commodity Control List)
Commerce Control List. A list of items under the export control jurisdiction of the Bureau of Industry and Security, U.S. Department of Commerce. Note that certain additional items described in part 732 of the Export Administration Regulations (EAR) are also subject to the EAR. The CCL is found in Supplement 1 to part 774 of the EAR.
Concentric Canister Launcher
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the Commissioner of Crown Lands (in LINZ)
Community Council for Lancashire
Combat Command L, in French armored division
combat-configured load
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Copper Clad Laminate
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Clarence Cook Little Building
Common Command Language
Connection Control Language.: Used in Apple Remote Access, InterSLIP, and other communications programs, CCL is a scripting language that lets you control your modem.
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Cardiac Care Link
Acronym for the Creative Commons License which governs submissions to Memory Alpha.
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Contingent Credit Line
connected component labeling