Definitions for "WARM FRONT"
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The leading edge of a warm air mass. Warm fronts are usually associated with temperature rises, cloudy and wet weather. Clouds in a warm front are generally layered, and less convection (thunderstorm activity) is seen along warm fronts, as compared to cold fronts.
Transition zone in which warm air advances on a cooler airmass. Depicted on weather maps by a red line with half-circles.
A warm front is the boundary where warm air meets cold air at the Earth's surface, rising up and over the colder denser air. As the warm air rises it forms clouds and precipitation.
The scheme in England (formerly known as Home Energy Efficiency Scheme, HEES) that provides grants to help cover the costs of home insulation and improving energy efficiency.
A scheme for the provision of energy efficiency improvements, in England, providing grants to households with children, who are on income related benefits. Larger grants are available for households whose occupants are 60 and over and receive an income related benefit.
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