Definitions for "Hot Air Balloon"
a balloon filled with heated air
an inverted container from which some of the air has been expelled by thermal expansion
a relatively large vessel which assists in human flight
a bag filled with heated air or a light gas so it rises and floats in the air
a nonporous envelope of thin material filled with a lifting gas that is capable of lifting a suspended payload into the atmosphere
a synthetic fabric bag with an open hole at the bottom through which bursts of hot propane gas is directed from a burner when required
This is the aircraft that people ride in. They are sometimes used for business promotions but have severe drawbacks in that they are very expensive to operate and are very sensitive to weather.
a registered aircraft, the same as any fixed wing aircraft or helicopter
a color-crazed cloud that will take you on a magical journey drifting on the wind
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a giant smile in the sky that demands attention
an addictive adventure that can not be described in ordinary words
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a suspension on a grand scale
an incredible experience that is the most enjoyable when shared with someone special
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a vehicle that can carry large and heavy items of cargo
a great advertising medium as well as an awesome