Definitions for "Warning"
A warning issued by the National Weather Service means the hazardous weather is IMMINENT or OCCURRING. Warnings are issued for severe thunderstorms, tornadoes, flash floods, blizzards, hurricanes, and other phenomena.
A product issued by NWS local offices indicating that a particular weather hazard is either imminent or has been reported. A warning indicates the need to take action to protect life and property. The type of hazard is reflected in the type of warning (e.g., tornado warning, blizzard warning). See short-fuse warning.
The alerting of emergency response personnel and the public to the threat of extraordinary danger and the related effects that specific hazards may cause. A warning issued by the NWS (e.g., severe storm warning, tornado warning, tropical storm warning) for a defined area indicates that the particular type of severe weather is imminent in that area (FEMA definition). See also warning and forecasting; watch.
Giving previous notice; cautioning; admonishing; as, a warning voice.
Caution against danger, or against faults or evil practices which incur danger; admonition; monition.
Help information that warns the user about possible injury or unrecoverable loss of data. See also caution and note.
"Warning" is a cover song by pioneer band Black Sabbath on their debut album. The song was originally released as a single by The Aynsley Dunbar Retaliation in 1967. The Black Sabbath version includes an extensive original guitar solo, improvised by Tony Iommi.
"Warning" is a single from, and the title track of, Green Day's 2000 album .
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a lesson in it self, the personal choice to do right or wrong, when the wrong is done anyway, then you have to pay the price, you have to take responsibility for your wrong doing, and you can't blame no one else, because you were warned first
an error found by the compiler that does not merit immediate attention to run the Java program
a police officer's way of saying, "You and I both know that you haven't actually done anything wrong, but I'm going to embarrass you and force you to apologize because I can
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Signal word associated with pesticide products considered moderately toxic.
An advance notice of a pest or disease outbreak or to draw symbol, notice, attention to the toxicity of a pesticide product on container label.
a written or oral notice to the student that continuation or repetition of certain conduct may be result in further disciplinary action
A diagnostic message posted by QuickDraw GX whenever an application executes a function that may likely not provide the result expected. Execution continues internally, as if the warning had not been posted. A warning number is a unique number in the range _26999 through _26000 assigned to each QuickDraw GX warning message. Each warning has a unique warning name.
a message informing of danger
a "don't do that again" style message, and if the action is repeated later by the person THEN you can feel free to tempban them
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see "Signal Word."
Some of the above terms aren't real badminton words at all. Sorry.
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line A line two metres inside the rear line warning a fencer he or she is near the end of the piste.
a message that is detected when a legal operation is about to occur that may have potentially fatal consequences
a Note about something that might have negative consequences if you do not pay attention
a statement of a CONSEQUENCE you will give your child/student unless he/she starts or stops a certain behavior
an officially tracked penalty
A formal notice made by the Referee to a competitor that a rule infraction has taken place and that penalties may be applied.
a realistic "if-then" statement of what will happen to a child if he continues to misbehave, e
a statement by a mod to a group or individual that they're breaking a Forum Rule or Guideline
a defined as a private discussion about the problem with an officer/guild leader, under the assumption that the member may not have realized that what was done/said was inappropriate
a potential problem that the Link Checker cannot verify, such as the validity of an email address
a problem which does not normally prevent the tool from completing normally
a reminder that you have done something against the rules, and that you shouldn't do it in the future
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A few minutes before the hour many striking mechanisms lift a warning piece that lifts the rack hook, allowing the rack to fall on to the snail and letting the strike train to run, until the pin on the warning wheel is stopped by the warning piece, at the hour the warning lever drops of the lifting pin on the minute wheel and allows the striking train to run.
a way to get a temporary CB against a country if that country DoWs any country during the five-year period following the diplomatic action
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a bug in waiting
Means it is an important thing to read and understand before engaging in any penis enlargement exercises.
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a primary example of this
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