Definitions for "Lifting"
The distortion of undercoat components from the solvent reaction of an applied topcoat.
This refers to the rising of a dry paint film on application of the second coat. The paint film actually detaches itself. This phenomenon is visible when for example paint remover is applied to a paint film.
The softening and repenetration of a previous coat resulting in a wrinkling effect. This is caused by strong solvents in the topcoat attacking the partially cured or crosslinked undercoat.
Refers to tankers and barges loading cargoes of petroleum at a terminal or transshipment point.
Refers to tankers and barges taking on cargoes of oil or refined product at the terminal or transshipment point.
Process of loading cargo for transport.
when digging up plants.
The process of taking a plant out of the ground; that is digging it up with its entire rootball.
The act of lifting the lineout jumper into the air in order to more easily catch or intercept the throw.
The forcing of air in a vertical direction by an upslope in terrain or by the movement of a denser air mass.
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sed when the huntsman takes the pack to another place, usually where he thinks the line of the fox lies
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A situation where a section of tape has pulled away from the surface to which it has been applied.
When the label edges exhibit a degree of lift after application. May be due to high tension being applied during printing.
Refers to the condition when a tape, on its own accord comes away from the surface to which it was applied.
Lift operations are undertaken only by fully trained and certificated employees. Trent's maximum lifting capacity is 40 Tonnes.
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A violation in the walk for lifting a foot before the leg has bent for a moment.
Used in, or for, or by, lifting.