Definitions for "sed "
Shippers Export Declaration
U.S. Commerce Department document, "Shipper's Export Declaration."
shipper`s export declaration. In US customs: a form to be filled in for all exports which is then used by the US government for statistical purposes.
Seriously Emotionally Disturbed - Generally this term refers to children and adolescents with serious mental illness.
everely motionally isturbed: (formerly Socially/Emotionally Disturbed). Official state term for students with major psychological disorders meeting current federal/state definition.
Serious Emotional Disorder
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Sed, the GNU Stream Editor, copies the named files to the standard output, edited according to a script of commands.
The Stream EDitor - A program for simple manipulation of the contents of files.
The stream editor. A batch version of ed. Same comments here as per ed. But used and useful in many shell scripts.
SuperNet Edge Device. A SED is a piece of electronic equipment, usually a router, that connects the Alberta SuperNet to a customer’s internal network. In most cases, the SED will be a Cisco 3550 switch/router, which will be supplied, monitored and maintained by Axia. The SED is included in the service fee and is typically placed in the customer equipment room and connected directly to the local access.
An intelligent device placed on the customer premise by the SuperNet service provider. This is the last physical device that is part of the SuperNet network and defines the end of the service provider's responsibility (demarcation). In most cases, the SED will be a Cisco 3550 switch/router, which will be supplied, monitored and maintained by SuperNet.
ka (repeat head poem) A traditional verse form with metrically identical stanzas, usually katauta, found mainly in the Manyoshu. Sometimes composed as question and answer by two parties, and so a forerunner of renga.
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Software Engineering Department (retired term; superseded by ITD)
the Support Enforcement Division within the Connecticut Judicial Department, an agency under cooperative agreement with BCSE to assist in administering the IV-D program for the State of Connecticut.” Conn. Regs. § 17b-179(a)-1(17).
New York State Education Department located in Albany, NY. T-Z
Special Engineering Detachment. An Army program that identified enlisted personnel with technical skills, such as machining, or who had some science education beyond high school. Those identified were organized into the Special Engineer Detachment, or SED. SED personnel began arriving at Los Alamos in October 1943. By August 1945, 1800 SED personnel worked at Los Alamos. These troops worked in all areas and activities of the Laboratory, including the Trinity Test, and were involved in overseas operations on Tinian.
School of Education
entary Remaining in the same space; generally used for non-migratory animals with a small home range.
self starter sendmail
Self Evaluation Document
simulative electronic deception
Surface-conduction Electron-emitter Display
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Staff Equity and Diversity Unit (previously EEO unit)
Socio Economic Data
Society for Economic Dynamics
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the section called “Introduction
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small end diameter
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Send it in Settlement rate
sedentary (_Sedum_)