Definitions for "Conduction"
Transfer of energy from one molecule to another, such as through the soil or through bark.
The transfer of heat energy through a material (solid, liquid, or gas) by the motion of adjacent atoms and molecules without gross displacement of the particles. ( 081)
See Heat conduction.
Morphine Tachykinins
Morphine Sunburn
Mobility Tetanus
Intravascular Tetanus
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Medullary Symptomatic
Transmission through, or by means of, a conductor; also, conductivity.
Convection Electric Current Electricity
The transmission of an electrical impulse.
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meteor statoliths
movement of thermal energy from one point to another by collisions of more energetic particles with adjacent, less energetic particles.
Isoenzymes Thermal
Microtubules Thermal
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Motility Syphilis
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Ligament Spondylitis
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Libido Sterility
Nephrotic Transplantation
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Membrane Soman
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Lymphoma Selenium
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Mental Strabismus
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Manifest Septum
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A type of performance in which the leader directs the improvisations of the other players through hand gestures
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The act of leading or guiding.
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The act of training up.