Definitions for "Electrode"
a conducting object by which electricity is conveyed into or from a solution or other non-metallic conducting medium; esp., the ends of the wires or conductors, leading from source of electricity, and terminating in the medium traversed by the current.
An electrically conducting surface that allows electrons to be transferred between reactants in an electrochemical cell.
the point in an electrochemical cell at which reduction or oxidation occurs.
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an adhesive patch that adheres to the skin and serves as the medium between the heart and an EKG recorder.
An adhesive patch placed anywhere on the body, and connected by a wire to a monitor, used to detect heart rate, respirations, or blood oxygen levels. (See also: pulse oximeter)
A small wire that is attached to the scalp of the fetus and transmits electronic impulses.
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In this context, the Closure Catheter has multiple electrodes which emit radiofrequency energy to close - or occlude - the vein to be treated.
A device or material that emits or controls the flow of electricity. Nickel and Copper elements are used in Multifuse® devices to aid even distribution of current across the surface of the device.
Electromagnetism Electrophone
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Networks Vasodilators
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Pacemakers Threshold
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Phenotypes Vitro
The part of the pH meter which, when immersed in a product sample, senses electrical potentials which are then converted to the pH measurement for that sample. Equilibrium pH - the final pH measured in an acidified food after all the components of the food have achieved the same acidity
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See Isopotential point.
Small pointed tool used to deliver controlled charges of electricity or radiowaves.
The positive or negative plate holding active materials.
potential.  Related to the tendency of a material to corrode.  The potential is the voltage produced between the material and a standard electrode.
A Preparation component representing a physical electrical attachment made to the torso at a particular point. Not to be confused with a Lead.
a terminal that directs electrons either into or out of a battery or fuel cell
the chemically active portions of a battery.
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Networks Translational
A terminal of an electric source through which electrical energy may pass when a circuit is completed
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A device that is used to sense or apply electrical activity.