Definitions for "Networks"
a principal member of the WiMAX Forum and a supporter of next-generation standards
a principal member of the WiMAX Forum(TM)
established forums of healthcare professionals and patients for the sharing of ideas and good practice in specific services (such as heart disease) and supporting how these are shared across both primary and secondary care. Network members evaluate the services and make recommendations on adopting new ways of working that will improve patient care.
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a Cisco Silver partner, Tandberg Platinum partner, a Verizon Platinum Solutions Partner and also sells products and services from EMC, Microsoft, NEC and APC
a CSC (Communication Service Company) that provides high quality and cost effective solutions and services to personal and business users to respond to their broadband needs
a logical and cost-efficient next step in network evolution
Physician practices sanctioned by the managed care organization to participate in the MCO's reimbursement structure
Legal alliances of urology groups into a larger, single unit organized to contract effectively with managed care organizations and hospitals, and/or to obtain purchasing power.
groups of doctors, hospitals and other health care providers who contract with a benefit plan. Members treated by network providers receive the maximum level of benefits if they are in a plan that offers network and non-network coverage.
a complete source of software development services that accompany the product at every stage of its lifecycle, from design and development to sustenance and testing
a major developer of IP technologies for delivery of premium IP communications services
an innovative developer of high performance web cache servers and Internet Traffic Management (ITM) products
bus [network], extranet, Internet, intranet, local area network (LAN), mesh network, metropolitan area network (MAN), ring network, star network, and wide area network (WAN).
High-speed communication systems for connecting computers, allowing users to share data and software from one computer to another.
The term networks is used in various ways, in a non-technical sense such as a person's network of contacts and in a technical sense such as an Ethernet LAN which a computer may be connected to
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a beneficiary of the many of hours of testing and fine tuning that Ampex, Avalon and Grass Valley performed in their labs on Grass Valley Group's new Profile network-attached archive application
A group of people who exchange information, contacts, and experience for professional purposes.
These sites give you access to a group full membership sites for one price. Most sites within the network are owned by the same company.
A affiliation of television or radio broadcasting stations linked by wire or satellite relay, or a company which produces programming for these stations.
a network television broadcasting company which owns and operates the largest broadcast television station group in the U
Networks are entities that offer programming on a regular basis for a number of hours each week to their affiliates (and sometimes independent stations) around the country.  Through their affiliates, networks are capable of delivering their programming to a national audience.  Cable networks also reach a national audience through agreements with local cable operators that provide subscribers with access to their signal.
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a Finnish network operator
a privately held, multinational corporation headquartered in Toronto, ON, Canada
Networks are the essential means of linking one group of agents to others whom they affect. They are the intricate links based on trust and reciprocal patterns of communication and exchange between producers and clients that are necessary to ensure an economic capability and responsiveness (Grabher, 1993) in support of business development.
A group of institutions working together locally, regionally, nationally or internationally to provide a mutually supportive environment for developing policy.
Groups of firms and other organisations that are organised, formally or informally, around common interests. The firms may share interests in, for example, technology, standards or regulations; they may co-operate to commission research, to articulate skills requirements or to purchase equipment; they may share information on markets or they may form a consortium to address a customer need that none of them could address on their own.
a rapidly growing organisation
Networks may be formal and/or informal and may serve the purpose of learning about the role, services and resources of other agencies and workers; marketing and promotion of organisation and/or programs; peer support and review; professional development; encouraging co-ordination among agencies and workers.
an unlikely but passionate opponent of plans to loosen media ownership rules
The equipment and facilities used to transmit and distribute electricity. In very general terms, transmission is the large-scale transportation of electricity while distribution is the so-called “wires and poles” delivery of electricity to households. After disaggregation, State Networks (Western Power) will be the State-owned business responsible for transmission and distribution functions.
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a high priority
a top level online advertising network that represents inventory on over one-thousand top quality websites
Connected systems, the properties of which do not entirely depend on the actual units involved but on the dynamics of the interconnections.
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a great show
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registered class A/B/C addresses
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a waste of time because no one sees them