Definitions for "Home network"
Keywords:  lan, mobile, prefix, node, interconnect
A network that has a network prefix that matches the network prefix of a mobile node's home address.
A local area network (LAN) that connects the PCs in a home and lets users access the Internet simultaneously, share drives, share files and printers, and play head-to-head multi-player games.
An in-home network means that through the use of microprocessors and common software languages different household products and systems will communicate with each other. The key in Parks Associates definition is that devices are capable of true two-way signaling.
a faster and simpler way to migrate your files and settings from your old computer to your new computer
a great way to get the most from your broadband connection
a group of two or more computers linked together
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a shaky foundation to build things on
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a lot cheaper than you might think www
an ideal place to educate yourself regarding this valuable technology
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a perfect way for fast access to the web and email sharing
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a case in point
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