Definitions for "hub"
The central part, usually cylindrical, of a wheel; the nave. See Illust. of Axle box.
A hardened, engraved steel punch for impressing a device upon a die, used in coining, etc.
A block for scotching a wheel.
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A large motor carrier terminal which separates composite loads into individual shipments and then routes them to different destinations. Also known as Break, Breakbulk Terminal, or Distribution Center.
The center of a rotating component, such as a brake rotor, containing the bearings and the means of mounting the unit to the vehicle.
The center of a film or tape reel.
Historically Underutilized Business. A corporation formed for the purpose of making a profit in which 51 percent or more of all classes of the shares of stock or other requitable securities are owned by one or more socially disadvantaged persons who have a proportionate interest and actively participate in the corporation's control, operation, and management. Groups include: Black Americans, Hispanic Americans, Women, Asian Pacific Americans, and Native Americans.
Historically Underutilized Business. A HUB is defined as a business entity that is at least 51 percent owned by an African American, Hispanic, American, Asian-Pacific American, Native American, or a woman of any ethnicity.
See: Oracle9iAS InterConnect
An intersection of several pipelines on a pipeline grid where buyers and sellers can make or take delivery of gas. Two major hubs which affect the California market are the AECO-C hub in eastern Alberta (run by Alberta Energy Company) and the Henry Hub in Louisiana (which is the point used by the New York Mercantile Exchange for pricing natural gas futures).
A location where several pipelines interconnect. Also known as a market center.
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A screw hob. See Hob, 3.
a steel cylinder bearing one side of a coin's design and used to produce dies
A steel bar used to make dies having the same raised design on one end as one side of the coins ultimately produced
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A large company very active in EDI, which strongly encourages business partners to use EDI. Also called 'sponsor'.
Also called sponsors, hubs are large companies, very active in EDI, that strongly encourage their paper-based business partners to begin using EDI.
Usually a company with at least 1,000 EDI trading partners. ICE (Interchange Control Trailer) – The ending control segment for the Interchange Envelope.
a central position from which everything radiates - it becomes the focus of activities, not just a gateway to pass through. (p. 273)
The central feature on the disk which interacts with the spindle of the disk drive to provide radial centering and clamping force and, in some cases, axial location
The part of a lock through which the spindle passes to actuate the mechanism.
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cast iron DWV pipe w/ one bell shaped end called a hub or a bell & one lipped end called a spigot. The spigot end of the pipe fits into the hub of another. It's caulked w/ oakum or sealed w/ molten lead or cold lead wool.
Hub Consolidated Incorporated, 988 Route 100, Weston, VT 05161, (802) 824-4255, (802) 824-4209 fax,,(being rebuilt, 2001-09) tools, equipment including furnaces, kilns, glory holes, combustion trains, benches, pipes, punties, yokes, ladles, pastorelli, pipe cooler, pipe turner, torches, gloves. MF This equipment is probably very solid, but the catalog gives me sticker shock. Also furnaces are priced without combustion train, which is priced without blower and burner head. Pipes sampled are very heavy and very coarse textured outside. 2003-07-09
The wide end of a fitting that allows insertion of a pipe for making a joint.
"fulcro, perno; dispositivo che unisce più linee di comunicazione"
This is a general term for a site or page that's just what it sounds like...a hub where you can direct traffic to and from your sites. Many webmasters use the root of their freesite domains as hubs. There are many ways to build them, but it all boils down to a page or group of pages where almost all the links can make you some cash.
A site that has many outbound links, and few sites linking back.
Coined by Jon Kleinberg during the development of his HITS algorithm . Hubs are sites that link to many other sites that are cosidered authorities in their topic area. For instance, the Ford Motor Company's web site is an authority in the car manufacturing topic. So is Ferrari's web site etc. A site that links to all these manufacturers would be considered a good hub within the car manufacturing topic. Also see authority .
A connector machined to the top of a subsea wellhead on which the blowout preventor (BOP) and subsequent completion tree is attached.
The city of Boston, Massachusetts referred to locally by the nickname The Hub.
The Prydaen version of a "city". As most Prydaen prefer to live in the wilds in solitude or in the company of only their mate, the Hubs are occupied mainly by the Priests, young kits, elderly and pregnant females. Hubs are a safehaven to the people, where kits can learn under the guidance of the Elders and all can find the comfort of their fellow Prydaen.
Hub is a fictional mutant character in the Marvel Comics Universe. His first appearance was in Excalibur vol. 2 #2.
the hub project aims to provide a flexible feed aggregator. It downloads news feeds published by web sites and aggregates their content together into a single combined feed, latest news first. Anyone can create one by a userfriendly interface.
A private electronic marketplace where buyers and sellers come together for the purpose of electronically transmitting information about transactions between one another. The hub provides the information technology to enable the transaction and charges a fee in return. Details about the transaction are held confidential.
An electronic marketplace facilitating e commerce by aggregating buyers and sellers and acting as the transaction intermediary.
focal point within an office that attracts people to it and creates social interaction and a sense of community.
Leonard "Hub" Hubbard is a band member of The Roots and has been playing bass for the Philadelphia outfit since 1992. He has played on all of their records including 1999's Things Fall Apart and 2004's The Tipping Point. He is known for always having a chew stick in his mouth, on and off the stage.
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The hilt of a weapon.
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Huntsville Utility Board
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Husky Union Building
The part of the tracheostomy tube that adapts to standard respiratory equipment, such as a ventilator.
a partnership between five regional museum services, the West Midlands Hub is committed to increasing user numbers, delivering significant improvements in the range and quality of services made accessible to users, and supporting other museums in the region to develop their standards.
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A goal or mark at which quoits, etc., are cast.
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Part that has been upset forged using loose tools. This process produces a shape with a smaller diameter projection from either one or both sides of the major diameter of the part.
A rough protuberance or projecting obstruction; as, a hub in the road. [U.S.] See Hubby.
A person who communicates (directly or indirectly) with more people than average about a certain product category. Hunter front line sales professional responsible for finding and bringing in new business.
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Best Buy's employee break room, lunchroom, and meeting area
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Facility in between the customer and the headend. Performs some functions similar to the headend, and reduces the amount of fiber optic cable required by the system.
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A large sorting facility where freight is brought in from various areas, is sorted, consolidated, then redirected to the delivery destination.
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On a ceiling fan, another name for "Switch Housing."
See "Switch Housing"
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a HUBZone SB concern
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The spine or back-bone.
An online exchange or market place where transactions are received and transmitted between multiple suppliers and customers.
Most often a fixed earth station that is designated the “master” station through which all communications to, from and between other earth stations and earth terminals must flow.
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Head Up Butt
An executable which controls the interaction among a number of servers, using a Hub script as its controller.
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One of three basic varieties of Frame.