Definitions for "Brake"
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A frame for confining a refractory horse while the smith is shoeing him; also, an inclosure to restrain cattle, horses, etc.
That part of a carriage, as of a movable battery, or engine, which enables it to turn.
A piece of mechanism for retarding or stopping motion by friction, as of a carriage or railway car, by the pressure of rubbers against the wheels, or of clogs or ratchets against the track or roadway, or of a pivoted lever against a wheel or drum in a machine.
A fern of the genus Pteris, esp. the Pteris aquilina, common in almost all countries. It has solitary stems dividing into three principal branches. Less properly: Any fern.
A thicket; a place overgrown with shrubs and brambles, with undergrowth and ferns, or with canes.
any of various ferns of the genus Pteris having pinnately compound leaves and including several popular houseplants
imp. of Break.
An instrument or machine to break or bruise the woody part of flax or hemp so that it may be separated from the fiber.
A large, heavy harrow for breaking clods after plowing; a drag.
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A baker's kneading though.
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an active electromechanical device
English country craft term for any type of simple holding device. One example is a pair of narrow forked branches, useful for holding stock when riving chair parts.
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An extended handle by means of which a number of men can unite in working a pump, as in a fire engine.
The handle of a ship's pump.
a brake pump is one whose handle is worked in a see-saw fashion; used for pumping water out of the hull [214.8
An ancient engine of war analogous to the crossbow and ballista.
An ancient instrument of torture.
A piece of equipment used for forming metal.
A tool for bending sheet metal on straight lines. Its primary feature is a thin strong wedge edge that allows bending a crisp line, unlike the rounded corner that simple hand bending. About $400 for a 48" unit. Units normally have slots in the edge or it is made up adjustable pieces so that when one bend has been made a second can be made at right angles by sliding the first in the groove, thus allowing a tight corner. Without a brake, bending can be done by clamping the sheet metal between wood or metal angles and after forcing the bend, hammering it to square - much cheaper for one-off operation, much more time consuming and ugly if needed often. Most heating and air conditioning shops will have a large brake and will bend a sheet or an edge if precisely told what is wanted. 2006-01-18
hand- or power-activated machinery used to form metal.
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A sharp bit or snaffle.
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See Muzzle Brake
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Brakes are used on railway trains to bring the train to a standstill.
a self-contained, fully assembled, and easily mounted onto an unwind shaft because there is no assembling of parts
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